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We are offering Free listings to all wholesalers, property owners and realtors or anyone wishing to list an undervalued, distressed or unwanted property at wholesale pricing. This does include properties that are under an assumable contract, however please make sure you disclose these properties under contract in your description.

Featured Listings

When creating your listing try yo use the address for the title if you would like to make it easier to find in the search engines, also make sure you the green circle in the photo you wish to be the default photo for the listing, if not the listing does not show up. Once submitted they will be reviewed and published on the site by admin.

Here Wholesalers and Investors can interact, in the common goal of buying and selling distressed and wholesale properties. As well as any homeowners that may want to sell a property below market to help them stay out of foreclosure or just to get rid of an unwanted property.

We are working hard for you to ensure that you have the visibility that you need while listing your properties.

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